Greetings Friends! Christmas might have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that Gleeko’s Guide to Melbourne’s Christmas Lights is over; in fact most lit up homes maintain their displays until the new year sets in – some even beyond that, so there is still plenty of merriment for all.

Today I bring you beautiful photos from my visit to Thompson Street in Northcote.  With all that this property has going on, no one will be left disappointed.  It truly is a magical wonderland with more versions of Santa than you can keep track of.  Take the time to walk up the drive way and visit the serene Nativity scene too.

It's a Christmas Wonderland!

It’s a Christmas Wonderland!

Beautiful Nativity scene

Thompson Street Northcote 4 resized

I counted Santa 36 times in this display alone...I know, that's a lot of Santa.

I counted Santa 36 times in this display alone…I know, that’s a lot of Santa.

Take home message <3

Take home message <3


Gleeko 🙂

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