I have lived in the City of Darebin my whole life. In different pockets sure, but always under the same colourfully embracing gazebo of hipster magnetism. This year the City of Darebin celebrated 20 years of music with its Darebin Music Feast Festival. It culminated in a pretty impressive closing party lineup on Sunday 6 November in the most appropriate place possible – the Preston Market car park. And when a meat delivery arrives and you witness a massive carcass swinging it’s way into a cool room just before the small pop up stage comes alive, you know it’s going to be magical.

The lineup was impressive. Preston was doused in the youthful potential of Alex Lahey and 9 piece group Dorsal Fins. The sun was shining. The northerly winds were blowing pollen into the nasal passages of hayfever sufferers who proceeded to sneeze it right out again. It was on. And even though the crowd was a little shy without the usual blanket of darkness that comes with pub gigs, they were keen. Well, I know I was. And now a few words about lass Lahey.

Alex Lahey has had a pretty massive year. She has released some extremely likeable pop songs, so likeable in fact that she has been nominated for the prestigious triple j unearthed artist of the year award. She’s played many shows and she’s won many fans – perhaps you are one of them? If not, perhaps you should be!

Alex Lahey’s brand is an easy blend of flannel apathy meets eye opening realism.  Her songs reflect the attitudes, failings, and expectations of many young adults.  She’s literal, ironic, playful and sincere. She’s like you. Or maybe like me. She sings about going out and having fun. She sings about love and heartbreak. She sings about being educated but not employable. Who can’t relate in some way to these sentiments?

Alex Lahey will be celebrating 10 years of Unearthed with Triple J and a heap of other awesome Aussie musos on Friday 18 November at the State Library in Melbourne.  If you’re keen to know more – click on the links below:



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