1. Can it be?

1 minute read

I've always been a little baffled by all the excitement  surrounding the beginning of a new year.  Maybe it's just me but I find it all a little scary.  A new year means growing older; it means more time has been wasted, used up, spent; it means moments experienced are forever gone; it means uncertainty; it marks an ending.  And I don't like endings.

However, I'm told by all those older and wiser than me that life is all about endings and beginnings.  So I decide not to be so sullen and depressed.  I pump up the volume of the tunes I've been listening to, crack my glow stick, enjoy the fireworks display and snap right out of it.

Sure, saying goodbye can be tough because of what 'goodbye' means, but saying 'hello' can be equally enthralling.  Greeting a new year means recognising blessings.  Another year older is another year of life and life is everything.  Time isn't wasted, used up, or spent; it is so much more precious than that.  Time is enjoyed, savoured and fleeting.  Yes, experiences had can only be had once, but they can be relived over and over as memories and we can look forward to forging new memories in the years yet to come. Uncertainty doesn't have to be feared, we can choose to view it as an adventure in the making.  And of course, no ending is without a beginning.

And so, with this in mind, I wish you, unidentified reader, a very happy new year.  May it be safe, healthy and adventure filled.  Make it worthy of being remembered.  2014, here we come!

Gleeko xo