Jeremy Neale

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Hi! I know what you're thinking, so far Gleeko Blog has been a bit self indulgent. But, you haven't said anything because you don't want to down my buzz. And I appreciate that! In recognition of this and out of respect for balance in all things, I am pleased to announce that Music-Mania is being added to the Gleeko Blog repertoir.

Here, you will find posts on artist profiles, gig reviews, and even interviews. Of course, all will come from a biased stand point - my own perspective. Hey, I'm sorry, but it is my blog after all, so it would be weird if it was non self indulgent to some extent.

Check out my latest piece on Brisbane muso Jeremy Neale appearing on 'Happy,' an all Australian music blog I regularly contribute to.

As always, thanks for visiting! :)

Gleeko xx