Assistance or Nuisance?

1 minute read

Yesterday I stepped into a store known and loved by many of us. Let's call this store Costline, since it closely resembles the name of the store I walked into. Don't worry too much about the store itself - every store is more or less the same in this regard. More or less of what, I'm not entirely sure. But I'm confident that you and I are both bored and confused enough right now to continue on with the story.
Right. So I walked into the store. What happened next, is, I'm sure something you can all relate to.
I was approached by a very well meaning and eager young sales assistant who politely asked whether I needed help with anything. was thoughtful of her to ask, but I really didn't need any help from her.
"No thanks. I'm okay." I said with a smile. What a sweet kid.
Next along came one of her clones - "Are you happy browsing?" I was asked.
Well, I'm not sure that I was happy, but I certainly wasn't unhappy. "Yeah I'm fine thanks." Was I ever going to get rid of these people I thought, as I wondered why they weren't hassling anyone else standing around me.
I almost didn't want to pause for fear that the third evil twin would pounce on me. As it turned out, I was right to be concerned. The moment I stalled in the aisle to look at some random insignificant product I didn't even really care about, it happened.
"Hi. Would you like me to colour match your skin tone?"
I did not want her to colour match my skin tone.
Assistance had turned into nuisance. I walked out of the store irritated and more importantly for the Costline profit counters, without having spent any money.

Yours always,
Gleeko x