Reflections with Gleeko - things just are what they are

2 minute read

None of us are perfect. I think as soon as you realise that, you start to cut yourself some slack. Unless you're having one of those days where all you seem to be able to do is berate yourself. There will definitely be no slack cutting on any of those days. But even that's okay. Why? Because we're not perfect. See, now we're getting somewhere. It's this realisation that makes me feel like I'm on the cusp of some great universal understanding, like the circularity of our very existence is becoming ever so slightly clearer to me. I am not there yet and maybe I will never get there. But there are moments. There are brief moments where my inner Albert Camus grips my heart and tells me that it doesn't matter anyway. Why stress it? Soon enough we'll all be dust; a fading memory. And then of course, I slip back into the reality that is every moment. When everything matters and life is serious.

I've known for a long time that I am prone to procrastination. I am all talk and no action as they say. I've done this a heap of times with my writing over the years. When it comes to buckling down and getting things done, I suddenly remember that I have to dust the window sills as a matter of priority. I'm sure that many of you can relate. But instead of giving myself a hard time over it, today I think, hell, screw it. I am brilliant at beginning things. If someone needs something kicked off, I can deliver. There isn't anyone out there that can make a start on something quite like I can.

But because I am not completely free of all of life's self imposed restrictions and battles, because I am very much a member of the reality of every day and not a subscriber of the abstract (as much as I'd like to be), I am very aware of time and of it slipping away. And procrastination just serves to heighten the feeling. As I've said, I'm awesome at starting things. It's the finishing part that often escapes me. But today, that's not a negative. Today, I'm having an Albert Camus kind of day. Today, it doesn't matter. And the best part is, this has given me blog post inspiration and has brought these thoughts and reflections to you. So maybe I have finished something after all.

Happy weekend Friends.

Love, Gleeko