Foxing : Nearer My God

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With their third album Nearer My God,
Foxing have shirked the expectations of their existing fanbase and
followed their own creative inclinations to create a record that is
musically diverse, exciting and unusual in equal measure.

Paradise’ leads with funky hip hop percussive goodness before
unexpectedly raising the indie-rock stakes with an amplification that
heightens the heart rate. It’s followed by the cruisy electronic beat of
first single ‘Slapstick’ before giving way to an accessible rock stomp.

Where the frenetic ‘Gameshark’ channels the theatrics and intricate
production of any Muse track, the more subdued ‘Crown Candy’ momentarily
conjures early Coldplay. There’s a definite sense of urgency and dark
panic that seems to pervade this album but even that’s dulled by moments
of exuberance and beauty in tracks like ‘Lich Prince’ and ‘Lambert.’

The elasticity and eccentricity of this album makes categorising it
almost impossible. With Foxing delving deeper than ever before into the
post-rock experimentalism of electrifying guitar solos, classical style
inclusions, morse code electronica, and bagpipes, the result is
complicated, but in a good way.

Foxing have experimented with their sound, vocals and song structure
on this album and as divisive as that might be, it makes for a powerful


This article was first published in Beat Magazine