Tkay Maidza : Last Year Was Weird Vol. 1

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Tkay Maidza has been a major contributor to the Australian hip hop scene ever since her foot-stomping anthem ‘Brontosaurus’ dropped in 2013. 

Her impressive debut album Tkay popped with joyous energy and created ripples of recognition for the young performer that skipped far beyond her hometown of Adelaide and saw her feature heavily on the festival circuit.

Opening track ‘Big Things’ is a nod to the reggae music Maidza listened to growing up, and as an aside, its cruisy, laidback quality would have fit perfectly on the Cool Runnings soundtrack. Maidza’s rapping strength and skill in using interesting lyrical connections and hard-hitting rhymes is especially evident on snappy first single ‘Flexin’ (feat DUCKWRTH),’ while tracks ‘Lullabies’ and ‘Say It’ offer some lovely softer moments.

Stand out ‘White Rose’ showcases Maidza’s beautiful warm tones and soulful energy while ‘Growing Up’ packs in fistfuls of personality and might just be the catchiest track on the album.

With Last Year Was Weird Vol. 1, Maidza has noticeably grown, walking the walk and talking the talk of a self-assured woman, and with that she has created a record with greater lyrical presence that is full of sass, confidence and promise.


This article was first published in Beat Magazine