‘Tides’ is a return to form for ex-Powderfinger Darren Middleton

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This record is lush and fertile in its instrumentation.

Contrary to its title, ‘In The End’ is actually a brilliant opener for Middleton’s third solo album Tides– it’s lovey, lush, and full of warm instrumentation and a hint of ‘60s nostalgia. It’s the perfect lead in for an album that sounds like everything and yet like nothing you’ve heard before. 
‘Should Have Stayed’ starts off with major ‘90s Savage Garden vibes, while ‘Return’ momentarily hitches a ride with Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance’ before Middleton skilfully takes it in a completely different direction with sweet-layered vocals.
Whether toying with country sweetness on ‘The Bully,’ energising with beats and chorus lines The Wombats could pass off as their own on ‘Some People,’ or channelling the quiet charisma of Freddy Mercury on ‘After All,’ Middleton’s strong songwriting and guitar grit remains solid.
Tides gently shifts between tempo, style, and attitude. Each song moves in its own uniquely beautiful way, helped along by Davey Lane’s influence as co-producer and the vocal and musical contributions of several other well-known Australian artists.
‘Ghosts & Memories’ is a stunning closer both musically and lyrically; a reflective all encompassing tribute to the poignancy of life.


This article was first published in Beat Magazine