Phantastic Ferniture is an exciting fusion of garage-pop, 70s rock and succulents.

Born from an impulsive desire to create more spontaneous music than their respective solo endeavours, Phantastic Ferniture have certainly achieved this with their debut album.

The trio – consisting of Julia Jacklin, Liz Hughes, and Ryan K Brennan – are drawing in fans with their unique version of garage alt-pop meets ‘70s rock with high doses of affability.

The heavy bassline of first single ‘Fuckin ‘n’ Rollin’ lures in Jacklin’s sultry vocals before its classic drum beat provides structure and direction to this gem of a pop-rock song. The track builds to a cracking ‘90s garage chorus with the kind of strong harmonies that made The Posies stand out in the grunge-infused Seattle of the ‘90s.

‘Take It Off’ and ‘I Need It’ ooze moody, steamy energy, while ‘Uncomfortable Teenager’ combines the breezy light-heartedness of youth with the restlessness of growing up. Then there’s ‘Dark Corner Dance Floor’ which could almost be a Black Kids dance club stomper.

The beauty of this album comes from the simplicity of Jacklin’s stirring vocals and the way she manages to inject an emotional weight into songs like ‘Bad Timing’ and ‘Gap Year’ without dragging them down into dark and obscure recesses.


This article was first published in Beat Magazine

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