And the leaves that are green turn to brown…

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The months of Autumn are usually my favourite of the year. Autumn months bring crisp mornings and glorious days filled with streaming sunshine and hopeful blue skies.

They also bring a kind of uplifting sadness with the falling of the leaves of the trees; a melancholy that you’re happy to endure because you know it’s cyclical and it’s beautiful.

I find that life is like Autumn.

Some days bring you happiness in its clearest and purest form. Other days bring you the murkiness and unease of doubt and conflict. And of course, inevitably, the leaves that were once so lush and green, dancing with the spirit of life in the breeze, dry up and fall.

They fall. And it’s always so hard letting go.

I know some remarkably strong people that recently had to let go of someone they dearly loved and cherished.

My wish is that these Autumn days bring them some solace; that these sunny moments remind them of brighter times; and that these cloudless nights grant them imagination enough to look up to the heavens and see the smiling face of their boy among the stars.

I dedicate this post to anyone that has been touched by a darkness worthy of infiltrating the soul and spirit. May the lessons of Autumn provide comfort and hope to us all.

May is Brain Tumour Awareness Month.
Viva Nondas