Daniel Sloss - Dark

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Daniel Sloss makes a lot of jokes in the 60 minutes that he has on stage as part of the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The best part is, they’re good and they’ll probably make you laugh. And even if they don’t make you laugh, they’ll certainly amuse you. Yep, don't expect any lame Dad jokes at this show, just good old fashioned content like religion, politics, paedophilia, sex, and uh disabilities.

They say that nothing is sacred in comedy. They say that there is no topic that you can’t make light of. They say that there is nothing that can’t be ridiculed. To be quite honest with you, I’m not sure that there is a ‘they’ at all. After seeing Daniel’s show at Roxanne (a funky venue with far too many stairs) I’m now convinced that the ‘they’ that stand up comics refer to with revere and esteem, must be a ‘he.’ And between you and me, I think the ‘he’ is Daniel Sloss. Why? Because he offends and insults anyone and everyone in and out of sight but still manages to keep everybody smiling. He also does something that not many Comedians do, something not many performers do, in fact, something not many people do. He tells a personal story that is a tragic one when you look at it in a nuts and bolts kind of way but when you look at it through his revealing eyes, you see a warm story filled with sincerity, honesty, and brutality. At the end of it all, it's humour that resonates.

5 Reasons to see Daniel Sloss

  1. He looks like what you’d have expected Macauley Culkin to look like as an adult if he didn’t abuse drugs and wasn’t molested by Michael Jackson. Relax, I'm kidding!
  2. He is smart.
  3. He is funny.
  4. He can turn the unmistakable seriousness of life into a fun filled box of surprises.
  5. He makes you feel okay about laughing at the inappropriate. This can be labelled an attraction, drawing people in to his comedy, or it can be labelled a repellant, warding people away from his show. Since these opposing forces cancel each other out, we are left in neutral territory with one reason shy of the magic 5 (I'm working on the assumption that the presence of 5 incentives will get you into Roxanne despite all the stairs) so I'll add a sixth reason, even though it is still technically the fifth.
  6. He has a lovely accent.

Gleeko :D