Nick Cody - Come Get Some

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Ever heard of Nick Cody? No? I hadn’t heard of him either before going to his Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show this year. But I’ll tell you something chap, I won’t forget the name in a hurry. In fact, I’m not likely to forget it at all (particularly now that I’ve written a piece about him on my blog).

So Nick is this likeable red haired and bearded hipster looking fellow from Brunswick who also happens to be a really skilled story teller. He might not fly out into the stratosphere with 10 zingers in 60 seconds, but what he does do, is draw you in with his own personal conundrums and anecdotes. He's laid back but engaging and he'll make you want to see him again with all your mates.

The content might not be all that novel or ground breaking, in fact, some of it might be quite familiar, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not funny. After all, sometimes the most ordinary of things are the funniest of things. And there is a universality in humour that Nick capitalises on in his show.

He made me laugh and I had a really good time. Definitely worth checking out this season!

Without saying too much and spoiling the show for you, here are my reasons to go and see Nick Cody’s show at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:

  1. He talks about Gangster rap. Gangster rap! Seriously, not enough comedians do this.
  2. He's got some really entertaining stories.
  3. He's got a killer abstract art bit that had me chuckling long after almost everyone else had stopped.

Gleeko :)