Last chance for cheap laughs

1 minute read

It's the final day of the 30th Melbourne International Comedy Festival and as distressing as it is, we must pull ourselves together (ever so gently as I don't want an OH&S disaster on my hands) and move on (but not before squeezing in some last minute shows).

Tonight, Sunday 17 April 2016, is technically the final night of the entire festival, but don't be glum as there are soooo many excellent shows to see before the clock strikes midnight.

Here are my quick picks :)

Nath Valvo - Tongue in Cheek

Before he was Nath Valvo, Nathan Valvo was one third of the hilarious underground cult comedy trio, 'The Shambles,' alongside his pals Lynchy and Sos.  He's a good pick to be your Melbourne International Comedy Festival closer.

Paul Culliver - The Honeypot

About seven years ago, I undertook radio training at the brilliant Melbourne based radio station SYN (90.5 FM).  Relevance? Paul Culliver trained me to be the professional DJ/radio presenter I am *not* today.  He showed promise then and that promise has turned into an extremely well received comedy festival show in 2016. Be one of those people that in ten years time when Paul's hosting his own show on channel 10 will be able to say, "I've known him for years. I saw his stand up back in 2016 when no one knew who he was. See, I know how to pick 'em." Street cred right there kids. Do it. Seriously.

Simon Taylor - Human

I don't know that I should be plugging this guy after my friend and I were callously rejected (more like politely deemed "unsuccessful") from being on a show he hosted called 'Live on Bowen' but, begrudgingly, I'm not really one to hold onto a grudge, and truth be told, Simon is talented.

He's clever and funny and is fast becoming Australia's golden boy of comedy. You will not regret seeing his show but you may well wind up regretting not seeing it. You know what to do. Trust me.