Tia Gostelow’s Vague Utopia

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Tia Gostelow may have just turned 18 but she already has a long list of achievements. She absolutely stormed through 2016 with the purpose and vision of Super Mario, collecting power-ups the whole way through. She won Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative award and was a finalist in the Triple J Unearthed High competition, and all the while she was completing her final year of secondary school. Someone sounds like an over achiever right?!

After speaking with Tia and learning about her childhood, this rapid ascension up the musical ranks is hardly surprising. With an innate musical promise to guide her, a young Tia played at the 2013 Tamworth Country Music Festival winning the Toyota Landcruiser Busking Championships Award. Tia can talk about that significant early musical experience with ease now, but at the time, she states she was very shaky and nervous, not at all surprising for a 13 year old looking out at an audience of about 6000.

Having lived in Groote Eylandt off the east coast of the Northern Territory with her family for six years and now being based in Mackay, regional life has always been very familiar to Tia. She explains that she grew up playing pub gigs and shows put on by the local council but playing to audiences in cities like Brisbane and Sydney is a completely different experience, one that Tia revels in.

While Tia has not left her traditional country music background behind, her musical tastes have evolved as she has grown older. She explains that being exposed to different types of music and broadening her own taste has led to her delving more into the indie folk genre, a style that suits her smooth and alluring vocals.

Tia has released three powerful singles evoking a confidence and maturity beyond her years and leaving no doubt as to who she is and what she wants to produce. Her song writing is personal but measured; telling but mysterious. Her voice has a natural and easy quality and her music a melancholic expectant edge, like you’re listening to something on the cusp of folk, rock, blues and something all together uniquely her own.

Not losing any of her 2016 momentum, Tia has spent much of 2017 touring, securing festival spots and supporting artists like Busby Marou and Bernard Fanning and doubtlessly winning more fans while doing so. She excitedly announces that she is also recording her debut album which is likely to be released in the first quarter of 2018. Exciting times ahead indeed.

She is an extremely talented young woman and we can’t wait to hear more from her in 2018.

Tia’s latest single Hunger is released on 10 November 2017.

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