You need to listen to Jeremy Neale’s ‘Lone Tiger’ before the end of the decade

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Jeremy Neale has long been touted as one of the busiest beavers in the music biz. He’s released two EPs and a full-length album under his own name, he’s the lead singer-songwriter of Brisbane based garage pop-rock band Velociraptor, and he’s the suavest skivvy wearing musician since those lads from The Byrds.

In 2013, Neale released the popping six-track EP In Stranger Times. While the title track featuring fellow Queenslanders the Go Violets, is incredibly catchy, fun-loving, and immediately mood-boosting, his track ‘Lone Tiger’ from the EP is arguably the stronger song. ‘Lone Tiger’ transgresses time as it begins with a real burst of 60s flair before softening under a blanket of ’80s allure.

Jeremy Neale is a bit of a master at creating hooks in his songs that have the power to reel in even the biggest of fish and he does it in ‘Lone Tiger’ too. With this song, he manages to build in levels of complexity and surprise while maintaining absolute dance-ability throughout.

This article was first published in Beat Magazine