You need to listen to Lior’s ‘My Grandfather’ before the end of the decade

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When Lior released his debut album, Autumn Flow, back in 2005, lead single ‘This Old Love’ quickly became a favourite for indie darlings across the country. The album went gold in Australia and secured Lior three ARIA nominations. Fast forward to 2014 and Lior released his fourth studio album, Scattered Reflections. This time around, there was less fanfare and acclaim, but the expectations remained high.

The sixth track on the album, ‘My Grandfather’, is a poetic tribute to Lior’s lineage – particularly the man who named him. Lior’s voice stands alone for almost a minute and a half before introducing music so soft and subtle it’s almost inaudible. With production virtually non-existent on this track, it’s clear from the outset that it’s Lior’s heartfelt words and goosebump-inducing voice that brings this track to life; the gentle guitar strumming is merely incidental.

His stunning vocals, filled with emotional purity, tell the story of his grandfather in such a way that leaves the listener humbled and affected. And it’s that personal narrative that makes ‘My Grandfather’ an absolute joy to listen to.

This article was first published in Beat Magazine