Twinsies! … Ugh.

1 minute read

Yesterday I was in the bathroom at work washing my hands when I had a face-off, or rather, a top-off (this will make sense in a minute) with a woman that I have never had any previous interactions with, but whose top was almost identical to mine.

I, of course, did and said what any one would do and say at a moment of well-timed coincidence; I pointed to my top and then to hers and said – "we’re twins today!"

Well, how do you think that went down? She apparently found the intimation of being a twin of mine deeply offensive since, in answer to me, she emitted a repulsed grunt and quickly averted my gaze.


Was she re thinking her ensemble after seeing it on me? Did I ruin a perfectly good top for her? Was she embarrassed because in her mind I pulled it off better than she did? Or was she angered that I had dared wear a top reserved for her alone?

Either way, would it have killed her to crack a smile or to pretend to be affable for 20 seconds? Without knowing her medical history, I can't be certain, however I am reasonably confident that her health would not have been impacted in any way.

The end. Moral of the story? Sometimes it pays to indulge people just a little, if only to make them smile for 20 seconds. After all, it can't hurt can it? Again, while I'm not certain, I am reasonably confident that this would not bring about any experience of pain.

Much love from your spiritual twin,
Gleeko x